WriteUp: HackTheBox Bashed

Bashed is a Linux machine rated easy. We gain access to the user flag via basic enumeration. To get the root flag, we have to escalate privileges by taking advantage of a scheduled cron job that can run without a password being required. Table of Contents ReconnaissanceEnumerationUser FlagPrivilege EscalationRoot FlagDefender's Note Reconnaissance We start off … Continue reading WriteUp: HackTheBox Bashed

DevSlop Kubernetes CTF WriteUp

As an organizer for the DevSlop Game Day, I couldn't participate in the CTF itself (bummer!) so I chose to walk through the challenges prior to the event to ensure that they are solvable and easy to comprehend. I personally had no experience with Kubernetes prior to organizing this CTF, therefore, it was a perfect … Continue reading DevSlop Kubernetes CTF WriteUp

Writeup: Advent of CTF 5 – Classic

For this challenge, we are required to bypass a login form using a powerful 'hacker tool'. Could the reference to hacker tool simply be a distraction? Again a login form stands in your way. What powerful 'hacker' tool will help you proceed? As usual, we begin by inspecting the source code via Developer tools to … Continue reading Writeup: Advent of CTF 5 – Classic