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Career 180: Women in Security EPISODE 2 LinkedIn Page
S2. Ep 16: You are the master of your fate with Faith OpiyoApple Podcast

Speaking & Training Engagements

DateRole & VenueTopic
29/07/2021Presenter, WICCA Summer School Fixin’ Em
28/07/2021Presenter, Argo x Girl Security’s Cybersecurity trainingAttack & Defend: Your Personal Security by Valentine Mairet and Faith Opiyo
( 3 hours)
Presenter, Cyber AegisNetworking Fundamentals: Beginner Workshop
20/05/2021Speaker, Threat Intelligence: Are You Ready to take on Today’s Threat Actors? by IBM SecurityBattling Advanced Persistent Threats: Intelligence-driven Threat Hunting
17/04/2021Presenter, WoSec KenyaThreat Hunting
06/02/2021Speaker, BIC Winter ConferenceThe Shallow End of Threat Hunting

21/12/2020Speaker, WICCA Holiday’s EditionThe Shallow End of Threat Hunting

This introductory talk explores the Why, What and How of Threat Hunting. It also covers some of the frameworks used and possible hunting tools.

(14 hours)
Trainer, Maxim Nyansa Network Security BootCamp 2020Topic 1: Network Operations (scanning, monitoring and patching, remote access methods in given scenarios, policies and best practices)

Lesson 1: Network Operations Part 1
Lesson 2: Network Operations Part 2
Lesson 3: Network Operations Hands-On

Topic 2: Network Security (Physical security devices for protection and detection, authentication and access control)

Lesson 4: Physical Network Security
Lesson 5: Authentication & Access Control Part 1
Lesson 6: Authentication & Access Control Part 2
Lesson 7: Authentication & Access Control Part 3

Volunteer & Community Participation

Mar 2021

Organizer, Women In Cybersecurity Community Association

(25 hours)
Volunteer, Women’s Build Event – Virtual 48in48 Event

We got together virtually to build websites for nonprofits in need. My role was that of a WordPress developer.
Oct 2020

Mar 2021
(6 months)
Co-host & Social Media, OWASP Develop Show

(2 day Conference)
CFP Organizer, WomenHackerz WHackzCon 2020

This was a special virtual two day cybersecurity event to celebrate the first anniversary!

Competitions & CTFs

Dec 2020

Jan 2021
KringleCon 3: French Hens

2020 Holiday Hack Challenge Hosted by SANS

Dec 2020Advent of CTF created by @credmp and @NOVIhogeschool.