June 2015 Study Plan

This study plan was inspired by Rasika. Check out his blog. Very informative.

The Red days indicates days when I did not study at all. Let’s face it, we are all human and we have a tendency of being lazy :). Yellow is for days when I did actually study but did not meet the planned number of hours. Finally, Green symbolizes the days when I actually studied the planned number of hours. Dark green (which is no where right now), will indicate the days when I did more than was expected of me. Will that day ever come :(?? Sigh

As you can see from the past two weeks, It is rather clear that I had set rather high expectations but fell short of them except for one day. This is mostly due to laziness from my part and the fact that starting out is usually the hardest part. Am yet to understand my studying rhythm.

Given the above statistics I decided to lower my expectations for the next two weeks and see how well I can manage the number of hours that I have set to study. Basically, I have moved from a 3:6 hour ratio to a 2:4 hour ratio (2 hours of study during the weekdays and 4 hours of study in the weekend). Hope to see some more green on this chart. Wish me luck.


Update 14th June

As I mentioned in my June Update post, I am currently focusing on the Security aspect of the Wireless exam. I have just completed the 2 chapters in the CWNA-106 Study Guide that are dedicated to Wireless Security. I am now going to start devouring the CWSP Official Study Guide from tomorrow. I am not leaving any stones unturned in my preparation journey. Till my next update, Adios!

Update 15th June

I mentioned earlier that I am of the opinion that the new CWSP-205 is a little lacking as compared to its’ predecessor CWSP-204 and that I was planning on incorporating CWSP-204 in my studies so as to really get the WLAN Security concepts and not just focus on the exam itself. So here goes, this is the plan I came up with.

I spent about an hour today morning just comparing the material and planning how I will use both books to my advantage. My goal is not only to pass this exam, but have a good understanding of the concepts as well. From what I see, I have almost 1000 pages to read.

Update 1st July

In the month of June, I planned a total of 94 study hours but was only able to complete 50 study hours (53% effectivness). The main issue was the fact that wifi packet capturing was a new thing for me and am not really a Linux person so trying to lab out concepts and learn was proving to be an issue. I know I spent more hours learning how to capture, capturing and failing but I did not record that because I was not being effective. Hoping that July will be good to me.

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