CWNP’s CWSP-205 Official Study Guide Book Review | Part 1

When I think of the CWNP Program, I think of actual Wireless knowledge that Vendor oriented programs have failed to deliver. I have always used CWNP books to complement information that was missing during my past CCNP Wireless exams (2 more to go). It was therefore only logical that I would turn to their CWSP book to help me prepare for the next exam – 642-737 IAUWS.

Luckily, the new CWSP-205 study guide had just been published so I figured I would order it. Got the book yesterday and I have to say, am a tad disappointed. I have not read the book. I simply skimmed through it to see what is included and to be honest, I cannot help but compare it with the previous CWSP book published by Sybex.

It is an official study guide! Where are the sample questions, the flashcards? A lot of information seems to have been cut out too :(. Is Certitrek trying to monetize the CWNP program? To be honest, I will need to go back and order CWSP-204 book from Sybex just to compliment the new CWSP-205 book. This is now becoming a train – get the CWSP-205 to compliment Cisco’s 642-737 IAUWS. Then get the CWSP-204 to compliment the gaps in CWSP-205 :(. Why can’t we simply update the information and leave everything else intact? I truly hope that I will manage to complete the CWAP,SP,DP and NA exams before Certitrek comes with more shocking renewals.

Once I read the book, I will come back with an actual content review and I hope CWNP will not disappoint :).

The views expressed here are in no way meant to discredit the CWNP program or materials. I still consider it the best, If you want to really understand Wireless and reduce the knowledge gap that vendor oriented certifications have. Am just a little disappointed that the questions are out and some content is missing too. I wish Sybex would continue to publish their books because Sybex holds nothing back – the CD, the flashcards, the questions – you want it, take it :).

Anyway, off to read the book. Will come back for an actual content review later.


8 thoughts on “CWNP’s CWSP-205 Official Study Guide Book Review | Part 1

  1. I found your blog post having the same concerns. the exam was planned for later this year, so I ordered the book and it looks and feels so much worse than the previous one.
    I am curious to read about your findings comparing the two of them.


    1. Hi Michael,
      The new book looks so exam oriented. Finding it rather shallow for my liking. Will post a review once am done reading both books. Am hoping to sit for the exam by July 31st. But only time will tell. When do you plan on sitting for your exam?


      1. I haven’t scheduled the exam yet. Wanted to pass the CWDP first (exam is in a week !). And then it depends on how much time I can spend on studying.
        I thoroughly enjoyed the CWNP books so far. Lots of deep technical knowledge and experiences from the real world. The books served me well as a reference guide in the past.

        My fear is that if the books get ‘watered down’ so may the exam be and in the long run the certification itself.
        But I haven’t really it yet, so I can’t really judge.


    1. Yes. That’s what I planned. But I am in no hurry. But certifications are nice to have.
      What’s your opinion about the Cisco Wireless certs? I find they seem to have too little standard knowledge but mostly ‘how to configure Cisco stuff’. The wired certs seem to deliver more standard knowledge.


      1. I think it depends on the certification. I am very happy with the Routing and Switching track and the CCNAs they have. Rather good material. The only issue I have is the fact that they tend to remove main topics from tracks in a bid to form new tracks. That basically means that one has to go through several tracks to feel well educated and get the knowledge that was once all gathered in one track. Not sure I have explained that well enough though 🙂


  2. slightly off-topic, but I failed the CWDP test. Granted in hindsight my preparation wasn’t enough. The test was tougher than i imagined. For one, several question around stuff that you would only need to memorize for the test and the rest of the life you’ll look it up. and second, many questions were I feeled like the book didn’t prepare enough. That was actually an eye-opener.
    I am not sure if I like this or not. But studying the book alone is not enough. Maybe that changes as this exam is being retired by the end of August. Hopefully I will have passed by then, although it would be interesting to see how it changed.


    1. Hi Michal,

      Am sorry to hear that. I have not sat the CCDP exam so cannot really comment on that but am interested in what your preparation approach was. Did you lab out the concepts? What was your study approach for the exam?


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