Writeup: Advent of CTF 1 – The Source

We are asked to visit https://01.adventofctf.com to start the challenge. This is what we get when we navigate to the site. A password is required, which we obviously do not have yet.

The page hints on finding a flag. Let’s check Developer Tools. What immediately catches my eye is the encoded string YWR2ZW50X29mX2N0Zl9pc19oZXJl in the source code of the page. This looks like Base64.

Cyberchef to the rescue. We see that the string decodes to advent_of_ctf_is_here.

Let’s just try that as a password first.

On submitting the password, we get the flag NOVI{L3T_7H3_M0NTH_0F_FUN_START}

That gives us our 100 points :). Also, Don’t forget to update the Badge Server

Ain’t she a beauty!

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