New Year, New Things

With a brand New Year, comes new possibilities. Am super happy to be transitioning to the role of a Threat Hunter at a great company in Feb. Am happy with the path my career has taken so far:


It has not been an easy ride but has definitely been worth it.

As a threat hunter, I will be expected to be on the lookout for trouble and take a more proactive approach to prevent, detect and/or mitigate security incidents. The role involves technical research of potential cyber security compromise, analysis of known and unknown threats, identification and review of potential security incidents and creation of new detection methodologies. I will be working with threat intelligence to enhance the overall quality of services and the security posture of the organization.

The qualities required to succeed in this role are:
* Critical thinking
* Creative
* Collaborate with others
* Be aware of the threat around us
* Have effective, concise, and positive communication skills

There are a few skills that I will definitely need to learn and polish up on skillsets like data analytics, automation, threat intelligence,malware analysis, data forensics and pattern recognition but am sure I can do it.

You will be seeing more posts on Threat Hunting as I dive deeper into it so let’s go on this exciting journey and learn together :).

Happy Hunting!


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  5. Threat Hunting for Dummies Book by Carbon Black
  6. Security Intelligence by IBM

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