CCNP Wireless CUWSS 642-732 Summary Notes 13 : Defining Site Survey Documentation

Define the Deliverables

A site survey preassessment form to help determine the length and type of survey, what equipment will be needed, and what questions the engineer will need to ask during the walk through the facility.

  • Pre-Assesment Form that summarizes customer requirements
    • Customer contact information
    • WLAN Objectives
    • Building to be covered
    • Physical Information and Building Size
      • Number Floors and layout
      • Each floor that will have Wifi
      • Location of closet
    • Diagram of existing infrastructure
    • Scope of the Survey
    • Client Devices

The site survey report, created after the physical site survey has been completed, contains the information the customer needs to move forward in installing the WLAN.

  • Site Survey Report
    • General info
      • site Info
      • Local Contact Infor
      • Statement of Work signed by the Customer
    • Executive Summary ( for the management)
      • High Level overview of the Survey
      • Conditions that can affect scope or outcome
      • Expressed requiremenst and technical consequences for the requirements
      • Explain supported standards and how the solution will meet the requirement
    • Technical Report
      • Reassert goal of Survey in technical terms
      • Each floor Survey
        • Proposed locations for APs
        • AP Coverage Cells
        • AP and antenna information
        • Specific location and mounting instructions
        • Coverage maps for each band
          • SNR by band
          • Data Rates
          • Signal Rate
        • Layer 1 analysis for each band
        • Equipment list – APs, antennas, mounting, data cables


  1. CCNP Wireless  (642-732 CUWSS) Quick Reference Guide by Jerome Henry
  2. IPexpert’s CCNP CUWSS Wireless Voice on Demand (642-731)
  3. CUWSS Student Guide 1.0

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