CWNA Summary Notes: Vertical Market Considerations

A vertical market is a particular industry or group of businesses in which similar products or services are developed and marketed.

Outdoor Surveys

  • Weather proof APs (eg ruggedized) may need to be deployed.
  • Site Survey kits with Mesh APs may be needed.
  • Consider the weather conditions. Most appliances will need to be protected from weather elements by using NEMA rated enslosure units (NEMA – National Electrical Manufacturers Association)
  • Safety – hire professional installers.
  • Consider RF considerations set by the local government.


  • Very important in the retail industry and the hospitality industry.
  • Some APs can be camouflaged to resemble smoke detectors.
  • Indoor enclosures can also be used to conceal APs.


  • Main concern is security.
  • Obtaining the proper security credentials will be a requirement before conducting the government survey.


  • Obtaining the proper security credentials will be a requirement before conducting the survey.
  • Secure APs to prevent theft.
  • user density should be accounted for during capacity and coverage planning
  • bridging solutions will be needed between buildings across the campus


  • Main concern is sources of interference from the biomedical
    equipment that exists on site
  • A thorough spectrum analysis survey is extremely important. Do several sweeps of the area.
  • The applications used in the medical environment should all be considered during the interview and the survey (Handheld PDAs, Medical carts, VoIP phones)
  • Obtaining the proper security credentials will be a requirement before conducting the survey.


  • Limit RF coverage area by using low power settings.


  • Intereference and multipath is a concern.
  • Heavy user density should be considered
  • Coverage is usually a greater concern than capacity because wireless data collection devices require very little bandwidth.
  • May mainly use the 2.4 band.


  • currently all handheld devices use 2.4 GHz radios
  • Coverage, not capacity, is the main objective
  • Use directional antennas mostly
  • Reflections and multipath is a concern.
  • High ceilings may cause coverage issues.
  • Seamless roaming is mandatory because the handheld devices will be mobile
  • Survey should be taken during peak times ans compared with the results obtained during low peak. RF power levels may need to be adjusted according to stock.


  • Multipath is a concern
  • Heavy machinery and robotics may present safety concerns to the surveyor
  • Ruggedized APs may need to be installed
  • A meeting with the plant’s union representative is necessary to make sure that no union policies will be violated by the site surveyor team.

Multitenant Buildings

  • Biggest issue is presence of other WLAN equipment used by nearby businesses
  • strong consideration should be given to deploying an 802.11a WLAN using the 5 GHz UNII indoor and middle bands


  1. CWNA Certified Wireless Network Administrator Study Guide by David D. Coleman and David A. Westcott.

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