CCNA Wireless Summary Notes: Implementing a Wireless Guest Network

Guest Access should be isolated from corporate access.

Steps involved:

  1. Create dynamic interface for the guest.
  2. Create guest WLAN
  3. Bind WLAN to dynamic interface
  4. Configure security parameters

Anchors can be used to handle guest traffic on behalf of the other controllers by building a tunnel to the controller. Configuring Mobility Anchors:

  1. Create identical guest WLANs on each controller. The outgoing interfaces may differ. Ussually, the management interface is used. On the anchor controller, we must use the actual dynamic interface name for the guest DMZ.
  2. Create Mobility group relationship. All controllers should have each other in their mobility group lists for the neighborship to be formed. They should also be in the same mobility group.
  3. On each contoller, including the anchor itself, you should identify the anchor controller. Begin with the anchor controller first.


From the list, select the IP address of the Anchor. If you select local, that controller is the anchor then click on mobility anchor create.


The status of the EoIP tunnel will be displayed.

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