CCDA 640-864 Summary Notes – Chapter 3 – Day 6

Server Connectivity Options

  • Single NIC (FE GE Full duplex + No redundancy)
  • Dual NIC Etherchannel – redundancy
  • Dual NIC to separate access – redundancy
  • Content switching – redundancy + load balancing per user request

Enterprise Data Center

  • Port density for servers
  • Low latency layer 2
  • Suport both single and dual connected servers
  • Aggregation (Distribution) Layer has Load balancers+ SSL Offloading services + Firewalls+ Intrusion detection

Campus LAN QoS Considerations

Access Layer

  • Classify and mark packets
Layer 2 Cos:

ISL - a vlan tag to each frame (26 byte ISL header + 4 bytes FCS CRC trailer ). Header: 15 bit vlan ID + 3 bit Cos

802.1p/802.1Q - Internal tag. 3 bit priority for CoS

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