CCNA Voice Summary – Part 9

Cisco Voicemail Options -Cisco Unity Express, Cisco Unity Connection and Cisco Unity

Cisco Unity – Original release. It took very long to set up. Runs on windows and fully integrates into Exchange and Lotus Domino. This is fading away. it is being replaced by unity connection. Its greatest advantage was the fact that it integrates directly into exchange.

Cisco Unity Connection (CUCx)

Linux based appliance. It provides integrated messaging server. It was an IMAP only integration but it recently integrates with MS Exchange. Used for the larger deployments up to 20,000 users per server. Can cluster in an active deployment. Fully features auto attendant and voice menu server. Directory services synchronization with TTS text to Speech and ability to synch from LDAP. MS for both calendaring and IMAP. It can be used for SRSV survivable Remote Site VoiceMail for fallback. Multiple CUCx clusters form relationships using Digital networking. If it’s Unity Connection to Unity Express or third party communication, then we use a standard known as VPIM Voice Profile Internet Mail for networking to other VM servers. VPIM uses SMTP messages. Messages are stored in the local CUCx file system. Can support fax messaging.

CUCx Clustering:

Max 2 servers config that can be active active. Both servers process RTP, HTTP, and IMAP. Uses the same Informix DB structure as CUCM. Pub server owns the database and message store. Sub server subscribes to both.

CUCx Traffic Flow:

SIP/SCCP Signaling between endpoints and CUCM. SIP only or SCCP only signaling between CUCx and CUCM. RTP media between the CUCx and the endpoints (phones and gateway.

 Cisco Unity Express CUE

Linux OS IOS like CLI. Integrates with CME. Uses the AIM (ISM – Internal service module) and NM(SM- service module) Module. AIM Module is a full blown computer. NM – full blown with bigger storage space, increased processor speed. Unity Express is designed for up to 250 users. Features: Basic IVR – Interactive Voice Response, Auto Attendant and Email Exchange Integration. Can support fax messaging. Can provide SRSV. Has fully featured IVR/ Auto Attendant/Voice Menu with the ability to queue callers when integrated with BACD.

CUE Traffic Flow:

SIP/SCCP Signaling between endpoints and CUCM. SIP only signaling between CUE and CUCM. RTP media between the CUE and the endpoints (phones and gateway.

CUE can be integrated directly with a larger CUCM server cluster – it will talk the JTAPI language.

 CUE ISR Specs:

ISR (28XX OR 38XX)


6 voice mail ports with 6 max concurrent communication

6 IVR sessions

65 voicemail boxes

14 hrs. VM storage


Default 8 voice mail ports to 24 ports with 24 max concurrent communications

24 IVR sessions

275 voicemail boxes

300 hrs. VM storage

ISR (29XX OR 39XX)

ISR-SRE-300 (integrated services module – service ready engine)

Default 2 voice mail ports to 10 ports with 10 max concurrent communications

10 IVR sessions

100 voicemail boxes

60 hrs. VM storage


Default 4 voice mail ports to 32 ports with 32 max concurrent communications

32 IVR sessions

300 voicemail boxes

600 hrs. VM storage

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