CCNA Voice Summary – Part 10

 Cisco unified Presence server CUPS

It is a presence add-on to CUCM. It provides status information and enterprise instant messaging. Integration with CUPC -Cisco Unified Personal Communicator, IP Phone Massager IPPM (IM on a phone), Instant Messaging IM, 3rd party presence integration through SOAP and AXL. Uses standard SIP to collect data. It integrates into nearly every IT stuff (CUCM, IP Phones, Unity, LDAP server etc.). We have the ability to cluster. Up to 15000 users per cluster.

Ability to provide Inter-domain federation with other presence vendors via SIP,  extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol XMPP or Jabber Extensible Communication Platform XCP e.g. Other CUPS clusters, WebEx Connect, Microsoft Lync, Google Talk

 CUPS Features:

Built upon cisco client Services Framework CSF. Standalone softphone or desktop control – fully featured or where CUPC softphone controls the desk phone. Softphone mode supports SRST failover.IM Support. Voice and Video Chat. Conferencing via cisco meeting place or cisco WebEx. IMAP integration with Unity /Unity Connection for MWI. LDAP integration for directory services.

 CUPS Traffic Flow:

SIP/SCCP Signaling between endpoints and CUCM. RTP media between endpoints (CUPC AND phone).

CUPC and CUCM if using softphone mode – sip/ simple

CUPC and CUCM if using desktop mode –

CUCM and CUPS – CTI (JTAPI), DB replication to CUPS, SIP/SIMPLE.

CUPC and CUPs – 7.x clients use sip only. 8.0 clients use XMPP protocol.

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