June study update

Most may have noticed a huge gap from January and that the Mobility summary notes are incomplete yet I have jumped straight to listing some CCIE Wireless v3 notes. This does not mean that I have stopped my incomplete CCNP Wireless Journey. In January, I noticed that I was rather behind schedule and decided that jotting my notes on pen and paper would fasten my speed a little. Yes, am that archaic! So basically, I have my notes and all I need to do is transfer them here. You know what they say, it takes 3 or more times to clearly understand the concepts – read, write, blog :).

Secondly, I decided to approach this Wireless journey from a completely different angle and here is why:

  1. It is no secret that the current CCNP Wireless track is rather wanting when it comes to aggregated Study materials. Other than the published quick references, you basically have to depend on the recommended old configuration or deployment guides. All the best to those who believe that the quick reference is enough to give the exam. If you have free $250 dollar bills and know not where to use them, please give them to me and I will certainly make good of your money. Simply speaking, you will fail if all you use are the quick reference guides. My solution was to use CWNP study materials that explain the concepts in a more detailed way and in one place :). My solution for problem 1 gave birth to number 2.
  2. Now that I am referencing (or rather reading the whole CWNP book), why not get certified in the process? As in let’s face it, I love Cisco but not all of their solutions are considered the creme de la creme of Wireless technologies. Plus, am more focused on working in an enterprise based environment, I would be supper lucky if they have Cisco everything. But that could change. Having a vendor neutral certification would keep you on the edge of things. Just to solidify everything, I do not advocate for people to be certificate collectors! But I believe that if you have truly understood the concept, why not test yourself and get certified to prove that you actually know your subject matter? And let’s not lie to each other, many employers look for the certified candidates with corresponding knowledge and not simply corresponding knowledge only with no certificate. Who does not need or like proof?
  3. Finally, the CCIE Wireless v3 track is out and so is the book list. Am referencing some of that material for my remaining 2 CCNP exams – security and voice.

So so there you go. By preparing for my remaining 2 certifications – CCNP Security and Voice, I will be knocking out some CWNP exams and still preparing for the CCIE Wireless v3. Killing 2 snakes with one stone :).

I will blog and back date the notes that I took on Mobility and try keep up to speed with the notes that am currently taking on Security.

Wish me luck!

Adios 🙂

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