CCNP Wireless 642-747 IUWMS Summary Notes 2 : Location Tracking Techniques – Cell of Origin

Tracking systems are classified by the measurement technique that they use. Real Time Location Systems (RTLS) are grouped into the following:

  • Cell of Origin ( Nearest Cell)
  • Lateration ( depending on Distance)
  • Angulation (depending on the angle)
  • Location patterning ( pattern recognition)

Cell of Origin

The tracking position is based on proximity and is determined by using the associated access point.


  1. Very easy to implement. No complicated algorithms used.
  2. Very fast technique as no complicated algorithms are used.


  1. Lacks granularity, hence may be difficult to locate devices in multi-storied environments, as exact position cannot be calculated.

How to improve this technique:

  1. Increase granularity by using highest RSSI cell instead of cell of origin.

Where and when used:

  1. Used when precise location tracking is not needed.


  1. Wi-Fi Location-Based Services 4.1 Design Guide by Cisco Press.

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