Passed CCNP CUWSS Wireless Exam, moving on to CCNP IUWMS Wireless.

Happy New Year and thank you for sticking with me thus far ! In this post, I will share my CUWSS experience.

I finished studying for my CUWSS Exam in the beginning of December and booked my again for around December the 15th. My first attempt to give the exam was unsuccessful :(. To be honest, I was rather lazy during my preparation and was not as dedicated as was supposed to be. I did not go the extra mile to look for information and that might have contributed to my failure. I thought that going through the Study guide for the previous version of the exam (since I could not access the newer one), the Quick Reference Guide from v2.0, the IP Expert Videos for v1.0 and my extensive WiFi experience was enough to ace that exam, but No! I Failed.

I scheduled a resit for the 30th of December and was determined to pass it this time round (given the fall of the russian ruble and the fact that the exam was twice more costly than usual).

I spent two weeks rereading my blog notes, reading technology documents that I could lay my hands on in Cisco Site and looking at the blue print to see which topics I was really weak on. My first attempt gave me the added opportunity to see what type of questions they were keen on asking. I thought it was going to be more theory, but as it turned out, It was more practical. I was also not very keen on the screen shots and tables  in the Quick Reference  because I thought that they were going to focus on general information …think again. So this time round, my studies were based on taking in everything that I had ignored before that :).

Come December 30th, I went for the resit and aced the exam! I honestly think that this was one of the most difficult exams in my exam history so far. Anyway, one down, 3 to go. Moving on to Mobility Services now.

I will take a different approach with the Mobility Exam and hope that my approach will help me understand more and pass my exam too. Instead of going straight to the Quick Reference Guide and the Student Guides that are basically almost always focused on just the exam, I will first look at Cisco technology papers, after I have read most of what they have with mobility, I will look for IPexpert Videos, then read the Student Guide (previous version) and finally go through the Quick Reference to see what I am missing.

Preparing for CCNP Wireless is rather daunting as there is hardly one book that can cover it all. You therefore have to research Cisco Site to find all the necessary information. As usual, I will share and document my Summary Notes with you.

My aim is to pass this exam in not more than 3 months. Let us share this journey together :).

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