Cisco Prime: Unit of Measurement for Maps ( Meters and Feet)

Thought I would put up a quick post regarding unit of measurements for the Maps.

CPI comes with feet as the default unit and this can be an issue for countries that use meters. I could always recalculate my length in meters and input it in CPI until a client made a rather rude comment like “we do not use feet in our country and I do not expect to see that in documents”. Ok, it was not rude, it’s a fact, but could he not put it in a different way?

Anyway, with the upgrade of CPI, we can easily change that now in very few steps:

  1. Get to the site maps2014_10_28_19_02_47_Cisco_Prime_Infrastructure_My_Dashboard_10.44.6.200
  2. Click on properties and click go2014_10_28_19_03_55_Cisco_Prime_Infrastructure_Monitor_Maps_Search_Result_10.44.6.200
  3. Select the required unit of measure (feet or meters) and click OK 2014_10_28_19_06_10_Cisco_Prime_Infrastructure_Monitor_Maps_Search_Result_10.44.6.200

Now you have it 🙂

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