Passed CCNA Wireless Exam. Moving on to CCNP Wireless

Just a  short update. 

Took my exam in the end of July and passed then went on a three week vacation. Am now back and ready to go on with my daily hustle. I have one more exam to complete my CCDP, but I will start preparing for it towards the end of the year. To be honest, the ARCH book is rather boring for me as it has too much theory. I am in the middle of that book and have not managed to get to the end yet :). I hope to sit for that exam by the end of this year, that way, i will feel that I have accomplished something in my certification journey this year. I cannot really hope to complete CCNP Wireless certification this year as it comprises of 4 exams + the NA exam. So that will be my 2015 year end goal. For now, I will take a break from DP preparation and read the more interesting (642-732 CUWSS) exam. 

Thank you for continually sharing in my certification journey with me 🙂 


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