Cisco Prime: Installation of Cisco Prime v2.0 – Standalone

Login as setup to start the installation. Provide the necessary details 2014_07_04_17_20_57_wldcbpinf02.mkcorp.com_Remote_Desktop_Connection

2014_07_04_17_28_06_wldcbpinf02.mkcorp.com_Remote_Desktop_Connection 2014_07_04_17_29_32_wldcbpinf02.mkcorp.com_Remote_Desktop_Connection


After rebooting (it rebooted twice) plus it took a long time stuck here. I think 10 minutes have passed now. Will keep count of how much more time it takes at this point.


Gosh, it took another 12 minutes. I think it took around 20 – 30 minutes stck at that point, but finally…walllaaa!!


Checking the status of things 🙂


So obviously the first thing i tried to do was login via web…


So that will be all for today :). Hope to see you in my next blog as we configure and get Prime up and running 🙂


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