CCNA Wireless Summary Notes: Configuring a WLAN

WLAN connects the wired network (VLAN) to the wireless network (SSID). Different WLANs cannot communicate unless the traffic is routed in the wired network.

WLAN Limitations:

  1. WLC supports a max of 512 WLANs. Only 16 can be actively configured on an AP.
  2. Advertising each WLAN uses up valuable airtime.
  3. Each WLAN requires beacons to advertise it. A min of 100 beacons can be sent per second. The more the WLANs, the more the beacons.

Always limit number of WLANs to <=5.

Configuring a WLAN

  1. Radius server configuration


2) Create a Dynamic Interface


3) Creating a New WLAN

The ID number is used as an index into the list of WLANs that are defined on the controller. Ususally used when configuring the WLC in Cisco Prime using templates.

4) Configure the type of WLAN Security to be used

5) You may choose to specify WLAN QoS or use default which is best effort.

6) Configure advanced security features

By default, a client session is 30 minutes (1800 sec) then it needs to reauthenticate.


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