CCDA 640-864 Summary Notes – Day 4

IEEE 802.3-2002 (Ethernet Standards) Design Rules

Round trip propagation delay should be less than 512-bit times in one collision domain. Max for 10 Mbps – 51.2 microseconds. Max for 100 Mbps – 5.12 microseconds

  • 10 Base 5
No longer used

Max segment = 500 m

Max collision domain = 2500m of 5 segments

Has a maximum diameter of 2500 m when repeaters ae used
  • 10 Base 2
Not used

Max segment = 185 m

Max collision domain = 2500m of 5 segments
  • 10 Base T
Max segment = 100 m

Max collision domain = 2500m of 5 segments

Has a maximum diameter of 500 m when repeaters are used

100 Base T (IEEE 802.3u-1995)

Max segment = 100 m

Max collision domain = 2500m of 5 segments

carrier sense multiple access collision detect (CSMA/CD)

Uses CAT 3,4,5 UTP 

Preserves frame format

Limited to 2 repeaters

Has a maximum diameter of 205 meters (m) with UTP cabling when repeaters are used

100BASE-TX Fast Ethernet

Uses CAT 5 UTP

4B5B coding

Uses 2 out of 4 pairs for transmission

100BASE-T4 Fast Ethernet

Cat 3,4,5

Not used widely

Uses 3 pairs for transmission and 4th pair for collision detection

Full duplex not supported

Uses 8B6T coding

100BASE-FX Fast Ethernet
Operates over fiber

Over 2 strands of multimode or singlemode

4B5B Coding

Uses Media interface connectors (MIC) Stab and Twist (ST) or Stab and Click (SC) Connectors

100BASE-T Repeaters

  • Class I repeater
Latency = or < 0.7 microseconds

Only 1 repeater hop allowed
  • Class II repeater
Latency = or < 0.46 microseconds

1 or 2 repeater hops allowed

10 Gigabit Ethernet Design Rules (IEEE 802.3ae) – 10GE

  • Full duplex
  • Fiber, UTP and Copper
  • No Hubs and repeaters allowed (half duplex)

Short-wavelength (850 nm.)

10GBASE-SR : MMF + 300m + 66B coding

10GBASE-SW: MMF 300m + WAN interface sublayer (WIS)

Long-wavelength (1310 nm)

10GBASE-LR: SMF 10km + 66B coding


Extra Long-wavelength (1550 nm)

10GBASE-ER: SMF 40km + 66B coding

10GBASE-EW: SNMP 40 km + WIS

10GBASELX4: MMF and SMF 10 km + 8B/10B coding

10GBASECX4: 4 pairs of twinax copper 15m +IEEE 802ak

10GBASE-T: CAT6a UTP 100m+IEEE 802an

Media Comparison

  • Copper / UTP
  • Bandwidth 10Gbps
  • Range 100m
  • MMF
  • Bandwidth 10Gbps
  • Range 2km (FE) 550m (GE) 300m (10GE)
  • SMF
  • Bandwidth 10Gbps
  • Range 80km (FE) 100m (GE) 80km (10GE)

*Wireless LAN

  • Bandwidth 300 Mbps
  • Range 500m at 1Mbps

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