Aruba 620 Controller Password Recovery

The worst part about having to configure old appliances is the fact that most of the times, you are faced with having to do password recovery!

This is basically the best password recovery that I have ever done :). How I wish other vendors can adopt such a scheme…

Oh well, Aruba has just impressed me – first impressions do count :). They actually have a login and password for the password recovery procedure to  be initiated.

Login: password

Password: forgetme!

User: password
Password: *********

Enable password is enable

(Aruba620) >enable

Create a new password and exit

(Aruba620) (config) #mgmt-user admin root
Re-Type password:********
(Aruba620) (config) #exit
(Aruba620) #exit
(Aruba620) >exit

Login with the new password

User: admin
Password: ********

Enable password is still enable for now

(Aruba620) >enable

Do not forget to save the changes 🙂

(Aruba620) #write memory
Saving Configuration...

Configuration Saved.

(Aruba620) #

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