CCNA Voice Summary – Part 12

Administrative User Interfaces for Unified Communicatin Products – CUCM, Unity Connection, CUPS, CUCX.

Unified OS Administration – for software management upgrades, tftp management; time, security – IPSEC tunnels, certificate management; interface specifics etc. All SIP phones get their times from the NTP and the SCCP from CUCM.
Unified Servicability – check which network services are running, start and stop them; application specific services; alarm configuration; trace and debug; snmp configuration.
CLI – command line interface
Unified Reporting– Runs reports about the system
Disaster Recovery System – Backup; Restore; Help

Cisco Unified CM Administration Interface

There are three Entities in UCM:
Something specific -> A group. A group can have several specifics -> A list. A list can have multiple groups.
A user -> A user is assigne Roles -> The roles depend on the group that they are in.
A user is assigned to a group. The group has roles and the roles define the permissions.

An application user – he does not appear in the directory such as the CCM System User,
An End user shows up in the corporate directory, Has a phone. LDAP only popullates the end user list. LDAP is a one way synchronization.

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